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adfall connects you with your friends, community and businesses and allows you to share meaningful information with everyone in real time. Now you're the news anchor. So share your world.

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As our moto goes “giving people a voice beyond their circle of friends”, adfall allows you to communicate with everyone in your city. You get all the functions of the traditional social media you are familiar with such as communicating with friends and family. In addition you are able to communicate with your community. Adfall is categorized by cities so each city has its own page. You can share news, information or events on your city’s page with your community. All posts on the city page are categorized by type so you can find the information you are looking for.

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Local businesses post offers daily and they are required to offer a minimum discount of 25% of their products or services. This isn’t just branding banner ads, they are actual discounts that you can redeem. For example, the local pizza shop can offer $7 off your next large pizza or the local oil changers can offer 30% off your next service. We make sure that any business that uses adfall has some incentive to offer the social user base. In short, adfall gives local business a platform to offer their products and services at a discount and consumers get daily discounts on the things they buy everyday…a win-win situation.

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Adfall provides businesses with the platform to communicate with consumers in real time. From your business profile you can create an offer with a discount on your product or service, post it to your city page and consumers (social users) from your city would then see your offer, subscribe to it and redeem it at your place of business. You can post offers absolutely free in your own city for absolutely free. You simply need to offer a minimum of 25% discount on your product or service. Any customer that “subscribes” to your offer then becomes one of your subscribers. You will then have the ability to communicate directly with your subscribers directly through direct message.


    What else?

    • Direct message your subscribers with offers
    • Real time communication with consumers in your city
    • Simple and intuitive for any size business to utilize
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