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About Us

Every now and then something new, something amazing comes along and completely changes the way we use the internet. This is the site that will take your web experience to the next level.


Welcome to Adfall!


Adfall is an interactive site where you can learn and share meaningful information regarding your friends, your family, and your community.


Think beyond simply leaving a review, beyond following a few businesses, beyond what you currently know, and step into a community gathering place where you can discover everything that is happing in your world as it is happening.


But beyond just learning what is happing, tell others what you see. Let them immediately know about the latest  trends, traffic updates, sporting events, upcoming entertainment, local news, important alerts, or any other community-wide information. Think of it as becoming a news anchor for your community.


Share your photo album with pictures of people, places and events that you see every day, tell others of the amazing lunch you had at your favorite restaurant, or upload a video of an act of kindness. Use Adfall to become an active member of your community.


Before ever leaving your house, check her new, trafic, and special eals  All in one place. No more searching or wondering, every thing yo need to know you can find rght here!


Sometimes your world extends outside of your community. Before any vacation use Adfall to find the perfect place to stay, the perfect place to eat, and the perfect place to shop. Simply enter your destination city to discover all that is happing there.


We Give a Voice to People and Businesses


Small businesses are the backbone of America, and here at Adfall they now have a voice and do not become lost in the noise of the large stores.


As a small business owner you can post your sales and deals directly to your entire community without having to pay outrageous prices, without using outdated marketing materials, and without wondering if your efforts are successful.


Instantly connect with buyers, not just followers, and let people easily find you.


Just imagine, being able to reach all the people within your community. Tell everyone of the specials and amazing deals you offer. Let them know what you have to offer. Bring local customers to your business for FREE with Adfall.


At Adfall we give you the ability to directly connect with every member of your community. If you want to reach buyers outside of your community… no problem, click here to easily set up a national account.


Join Us!


Adfall is the interactive gathering site that allows you to find and share information about your city with people in your city. We bring together members of your area to help and inform each other with all things concerning your community.


Share your thoughts with your community, or with just your friends, family, and colleagues; you are in control of what you share and with whom you share it. We have just taken social media beyond what you currently know and made it more that it has ever been. Step out of the old and into your community! Let your voice be heard, share your world with others and become an active member of the town you live in.


We give you a voice beyond your circle of friends.

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